Vermont Home OrganizingLife-Changing Home Organizing Services

Often, busy families need professional organizing assistance in their homes. Their many commitments and activities require a balancing act, and effective organization systems will make life flow much more smoothly! As children grow and hobbies change, their organizational systems need to as well.

Get It Done, LLC can take a look at your current space and systems and make recommendations for improvements.

Areas where we can help:
  • kitchen/pantry
  • living room/family room
  • home office
  • bedroom
  • craft room
  • kids’ playroom
  • mudroom/entryway/laundry room
  • mobile office (car)
  • storage areas
  • paper management
Vermont Home Organizing

As experts in the home organizing field, we can assess whether disorganization is situational or ongoing and if it’s due to lack of space, improper storage techniques, or simply too much stuff.


We can even help organize your office, making quick work of your paper mountains. We can help figure out your barriers, define goals, create a plan, and work alongside you to make your office (and you!) more productive.

Every client and each project is different. We will honor your pace while being conscientious about keeping us moving toward your goal. How quickly we complete your project depends on its scope, how you make decisions, how many interruptions, and your energy level and motivation on a particular day. We can make suggestions for specific tasks you can do between sessions that will keep the process moving along, if you choose. And we always strive to be eco-friendly throughout the organizing process, recycling/repurposing wherever possible and recommending local donation companies for your cast-offs.

To learn how the process works, click here. If you are ready to get started, please call 802-363-3931 for a free 30-minute phone consultation.