Vital Documents

vital documentsWe passionately encourage our clients to take the time to create a Vital Documents reference binder. We offer expert assistance with the process! No matter your age, it’s important for families to have these papers at their fingertips.

We can guide you through the process of gathering and creating a handy binder full of necessary documents. From advanced directives, powers of attorney and wills to guardianship decisions, all age groups have reasons to get these in order. We can create a system so loved ones have access to your end-of-life wishes, if you desire. In addition, having a secure method of storing passwords in this digital age is essential, along with identifying who has permission to access sensitive information. We can suggest options to keep your digital information secure as well as accessible to noted family members. Some of our clients also have us come up with a process for gifting items to family members now, so they can have the joy of watching them receive and enjoy them.

Our three-hour vital documents session will help you take this to-do and make it done! Ahead of time, we will provide a list of items that could be gathered for our first session, if the client chooses, to save time. Then, during our session, we know the important questions to ask. We will go through a list to see what you have and what’s missing. We can also help you determine what’s getting in the way of making these important decisions. We will bring a vital documents binder or recommend a system that meets your needs.

Suzanne has the professional background as a social worker and attorney to guide you through this process. Getting these vital documents in order will put your mind at ease, knowing you’ve made life easier for your loved ones.

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