downsizingDownsizing, Aging in Place and Moving Services

Many of our clients are in their “golden years” and are beginning the downsizing process. We can help develop a timeline to make it stress-free and unhurried. Need to move quickly due to an illness, injury or other decline? We can come in to help facilitate a quick move if necessary. But it’s always better to start this process early, as the luxury of time will allow more thoughtful consideration.

We are sometimes called in by the aging homeowners, and other times contacted by adult children to partner with them and their parents in the process. We can be a calming mediator between family members. As long as you agree to have someone else involved, we can include that person in the process. Regardless of who pays for the service, the homeowner is our client and will need to give explicit permission for us to speak with anyone else.

We also work with Baby Boomers to help reorganize after their kids move out, prepare for a move to a smaller home, or simply to reduce excess so their kids won’t have the burden of all that “stuff.”

Oftentimes, our clients are dealing with inherited estates. Many emotions and sentimentality can come into play. We can be a guide throughout this process, minimizing frustration and overwhelm.

We can also help our clients through the changes that come with an illness or injury. Abilities change, so systems need to change. We can offer tailored solutions for aging in place, so you can keep your loved ones safer in their homes. We can also assist with unpacking and organizing after a move so it feels and functions like home from day one!

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